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What is Planning?
Planning includes a range of processes for determining an organisation’s goals. Planning includes:

Budgeting & Forecasting – this is the process for agreeing an organisation’s short-term financial and non-financial objectives. The difference between budgets and forecasts are:

  • Budgets lay out the plan for what the business wants to achieve, budgets are normally prepared once per year at the end of the financial year and related to next year’s performance.
  • Forecasts state the business actual expectations for results and are composed of actual (real performance) and future figures. As the year progresses, the organisation revisits the budget in line of real performance and prepares forecasts that show deviations on the original budget.

Financial Consolidation – this is the process of consolidating financial and non-financial data from various business entities within an organisation and rolling it up to a parent company for statutory and non-statutory reporting purposes.

Strategic Planning – this is the process to define the organisation’s long-term goals, normally involving a five to ten-year horizon.

Other Planning – such as Capex Planning, Human Resource Planning, and Sales Planning. The common challenge in Planning is that most organisations have inefficient processes involving manual collation and consolidation of data with outdated systems – believe it or not, in many large organisations, Excel is still the tool in use for Planning and Consolidation. Use of wrong technology can lead to loss of time in populating and consolidating data, inaccurate figures due to copy and paste in Excel, poor reporting, etc.

How can we help?
At UXLI, Our consultants come from strong Accounting and Technology backgrounds and have years of experience in redesigning Planning processes for private and public organisations. We can help you transform your Planning processes using economic yet very effective Cloud-based Planning and Consolidation solutions. Our range of services in the Planning area include:

Strategy and Advisory

  • Planning Advice
  • Planning Road-mapping


  • Planning Tool Assessment
  • Planning Tool Implementation
  • Planning Report Building
  • Actual vs Plan Data Integration


  • PBF Process Design
  • Financial Consolidation Process Design
  • Rolling Forecasting Design
  • Strategic Planning Process Design


  • Planning "Training"