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Proud to achieve Gold Microsoft Partnership in Data Platform Competency #uxli #dataplatform #azuredata #micrsoft.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019

In a recent survey, 75% of businesses reported that delays in data processing had inhibited business opportunities. Don't let your data processing keep your business from taking advantage of whatever comes your way.

To build scalable business success, you need to start with a scalable data platform. At UXLI Ltd, we know that it can be helpful to have a team of professionals at your back who can help you adopt the right solutions for your data needs.

SQL Server remains the only commercial database with AI built in, and now it supports even more machine learning scenarios. As it so happens, we're experts at helping businesses integrate SQL Server. Contact us today to learn more about the process and the benefits of working with our team.

A Customer Data Platform Picks Up Where CRM Leaves Off

Chances are your CRM system isn't enough. Most CRMs can't handle big data, and with near endless information, you need a modern data platform to unlock your system's potential. #Azure #Microsoft

If you had access to all your customer data, how would you use it? That's the question you should consider before you begin to bring your data together; then you can set your organization up for success.

With the Azure data platform, you can take advantage of the efficiency and agility of the cloud by easily migrating to the cloud without changing code. Unlock insights and make predictions faster with Azure.

UXLI Ltd and Microsoft are here to help you get the most out of your data. Contact us today to learn more.

Data analytics in the midst of a pandemic - why it is now more important than ever.

"You cannot improve what you don't measure. Business needs to optimise their future decisioning, by analysing the past and applying forward looking scenarios"

Businesses across the whole world are struggling to respond to the new coronavirus impact. Leaders must take rapid decisions about controlling costs and maintaining liquidity. They need do define the right priorities while staying agile and adjusting their decisions quickly to ongoing changes.

According to Gartner, here are the key ways you and your organisation can benefit from Data Analytics in the time of the crisis: - Generate business and recovery scenarios based on forecasts and predictions of the crisis impact on operations, products, and services, supply and demand. - Early discovery of business trends, generating alerts and sharing vital information across the whole organisation, including third parties and suppliers. - Identify alternative pathways for people, goods and services - Spot additional points of automation - Help with organisational daily planning

Helping our Customers WIN with Data. Develop core KPI's to enable business impact tracking. We will be glad to answer any of your questions on how to implement or augment your Data Analytics processes.Contact us today to learn more.


Dashboards can be a powerful way to communicate insights. Often dashboards potential is not fully realised as a result of little thought being put into the final design or chosen data visualisations.

Effective dashboard design is both an art and a science.

How are you using BI Dashboards to your advantage? If you don't have a clear answer, it's time to come up with a plan. At UXLI Ltd, we have the tools and industry experts to help you build effective data insight dashboards. Contact us today to learn more.

5 Ways IoT Is Reinventing Businesses Today

63% of businesses are already delivering new or updated services directly to customers thanks to their IoT capabilities. What are you doing to increase your service offerings?

5 Ways IoT Is Reinventing Businesses Today In a recent survey of business executives, 45% report IoT has helped boost profits by 1% to 5%, and another 41% say the impact has boosted them by 5% to 15% annually. That's a huge increase to profit with a simple integration. Except integrating IoT isn't always simple. At UXLI Ltd, we have years of experience helping businesses just like yours to plan, implement, and optimize their connected devices. We can help you to do the same. Contact us to learn more.

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps and the Power Platform enables everyone in your organisation to modernise and digitise apps and processes. Discover how your organisation can benefit from using a low-code platform for rapid application development and process automation.

Ready to see how a PowerApp can transform your business?

Having a trusted partner on board to help scope out and develop your PowerApp gives you the best of both worlds.

Explore your business and technology challenges and opportunities, with our senior advisors and technologists during a half-day structured workshop held at our offices.

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Data Engineering is Key to Data Analytics

Although ML and AI are being highlighted as the next great technology breakthrough for businesses, it's clear that there is a big disconnect between theory and practice. The challenge is in clearly understanding the difference between data science and data engineering.

Businesses rely on data engineering, which creates general-purpose processes with trusted and verifiable inputs and outputs. Enterprises should approach ML and AI as an exercise in data engineering, where the incoming data is well understood (and validated), the algorithms are well described (applicable use cases and limitations), and the actionable outcomes are well tested and validated to ensure they are producing the expected results.

At UXLI, we help you to integrate and combine all your data assets into a smart analytics tool (Data Integration, Data Management, Data Analytics, Data Visualisation...). Make your organisation inherently data-driven by integrating intelligent decision making.

UXLI is ISO Certified

UXLI is committed to upholding the best practices when it comes to information security ensuring that our client's data is handled and protected to the highest industry standards.

This approach to data and information security has been validated by us achieving compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management standards, showing that we execute a robust approach to managing information security (InfoSec) as well as building resilience against potential risks.

Our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accreditation means that all of UXLI's clients can be assured that their data is being managed and secured using the highest international standards, as well as continually reviewing our actions and the changing landscape of information technology to keep your data safe.