What We Do

  • Data Management Data Management
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  • Planning Solutions Planning Solutions
  • Application Development Application Development
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  • Managed Services Managed Services
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  • Strategic Advisory Strategic Advisory

”Data Management is a process that includes all activities for acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, processing, and accessing data in an organisation.
We believe there are three big challenges in the Data Management today:

  • Volume of Data – with the advancement of technology and falling costs of data storage, organisations (and individuals) are gathering and storing increasingly large volumes of data. But what data is relevant to support decision making? And how to transform data into information?
  • Security – once stored, with the right processes and tools, data can be transformed into strategic information. But what if strategic information fell in the wrong hands? For example, if our competitors saw our pipeline of product development, our customers were aware of our costs, and suppliers knew who we are buying from?
  • Evolving Technologies – Cloud-storage and technologies are revolutionising Data Management. But what are the best technologies, what is the difference between providers?

We provide a range of Data Management services and Cloud-based technologies that help our customers address these challenges and benefit the most from their data assets, including:

Strategy and Advisory
  • Data Management Strategic Advice
  • Data Management Transformation Road-mapping
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Technology
  • Data Warehouse Technology Assessment
  • Data Warehouse Implementation
  • Master Data Management Tool Implementation
  • Cloud Migration
  • Hybrid (Cloud – Non-Cloud) Solutions
  • Data Migration Services
  • Process
  • Data Management Capability Development
  • Data Management, Warehousing, and Security Policy and Procedure Design
  • People
  • Data Warehousing Specific Training